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When to Sit-on-top and when to Sit-in a Kayak!

Redlands Kayak Tours offer a range of tours to suit our customers. From our short tours on our popular Hobie sit-on-top kayaks, to multi-day tours in our sit-in Natureline double sea kayaks, we have a tour to suit your level of interest and experience.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a short, one-and-a-half-hour tour on a sit-on top kayak.

Our Hobie sit-on-tops are equipped with comfortable, padded seats and have adjustable foot pegs to ensure that the kayak is fitted properly for your height. There’s even a drink holder for your water bottle! Together with advice from our trained and experienced tour guides, this gives you the best set up for an enjoyable experience on the water.

Getting on (and at the end of the tour, off) a sit-on-top is very easy – our guides will show you how and then assist you if needed.

Our sit-on-tops are stable, comfortable craft. They are highly maneuverable and enable you to learn the basics and get a feel for the boat and how your stroke impacts on direction and speed very quickly. Their length is just right for our short tours – you will move at a reasonable pace without having to work too hard.

Although rarely tested, sit-on-tops have the added benefit that in the unlikely scenario that you fall off, they are easy to remount. The technique will be explained to you in the safety briefing, and once again, our guides will be there to assist you if it should be necessary.

Our sit-on-tops are used for tours of up to three or four hours paddling. These will take you to places like Thompson Beach and Moogurrapum Creek; Tingalpa and Lota Creeks; Cleveland Point and Cassim Island; Oyster Point; and even around Coochiemudlo Island.

With some experience behind you, our sit-in, fibre-glass Natureline double sea kayaks give you the chance to experience the best of beautiful Moreton Bay.

Before getting on the water, we adjust the footrests of the kayak to suit your height and ensure a comfortable trip. As well as the usual life-jacket, you don a spray skirt, which will create a waterproof seal around the cockpit once you are seated. The guides will give you a briefing and demonstration on the use of these spray skirts and how to release them.

Sea kayaks are designed for long distance touring on the open water and their design gives you a smooth and comfortable experience for your trip.

Sure, getting into a sit-in requires a bit more effort, but you will find the lower centre of gravity gives you a much more efficient position for paddling. The protection given by the spray skirt – against both sun and water drips, is an added benefit.

At first try you may think the sit-ins to be less stable. However, their design gives them greater buoyancy and ability to keep yourself upright – they are much better for dealing with adverse conditions.

These kayaks are long – over 7 metres – that length and having two paddlers means they are fast, at least 50% faster than the sit-on-tops. Therefore, we can travel further and reach places that sit-on-top kayakers can only dream about. Good paddle technique really pays off with these kayaks – a well-coordinated pair of kayakers seem to glide over the water.

With three hatches, they also have plenty of space for storage. This is especially useful for our multi-day trips. Although we will have separate arrangements to transport most of your needs to your overnight accommodation, there is plenty of room on board for your snacks, day needs, spare jacket etc.

In our sit-ins you’ll be able to paddle from one end of the Redlands Coast to the other, or experience the islands in beautiful Moreton Bay such as Coochiemudlo, Peel, Stradbroke, Macleay, Russell, Karragarra, and Moreton.

Sit-on-top or sit-in – we have the kayaks and the tours to suit your needs.