Sea Kayaking

Challenge yourself with the ultimate kayaking experience.

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We’ve got one of the top 10 sea kayaking locations in Australia on our doorstep and we know you will love our eco-tourism expeditions that will challenge yourself through sea kayaking.

Sea kayaking is the ultimate experience for kayaking enthusiasts as it offers both a physical challenge and the chance to see flora, fauna and natural sights only navigable by a marine craft.

We’ve got over 1000 dugongs in the Bay, dolphins and turtles, as well as beautiful mangrove eco-systems and unique Aboriginal stories around the islands.

Our overnight and multi-day expeditions will leave from the Redlands Coast mainland and navigate around parts of well-known islands: Peel, Stradbroke, Coochiemudlo, Macleay, Russell, Karragarra, Lamb, Moreton and more.

Our expeditions will cater for those that enjoy the great outdoors, staying in spacious tents. All meals and snacks will be provided as well as a glass of wine at sunset.

We will be using highly experienced and qualified sea kayak guides and will provide all equipment. Kayakers will simply need to bring their own clothing and sleeping bag.

We will also have a host whom will travel on each of the expeditions, ensuring all kayakers are looked after with home-made morning and afternoon teas and being there to provide local knowledge, history and coordination.

Prices for the overnight sea kayaking start from $395 per person or $750 per couple.

Your Guides

Your Sea Kayak Expedition will be led by two highly experienced and qualified Sea Kayak Instructors:

Mark Hessling

Mark began his involvement in paddle sports at an early age paddling canoes with his parents.  After a break of many years Mark returned to paddling when he joined Queensland Sea Kayak Club (QSKC) to obtain some skills prior to paddling through the Svalbard Archipelago in 2012.   Through his involvement with QSKC, Mark has qualified as a Sea Instructor and has held multiple committee positions including Secretary, President, and Training Officer.  Mark has extensive guiding experience having lead multi-day, group expeditions around Moreton Bay, Fraser Island and the Keppel Islands.  When he isn’t paddling, Mark develops mobile apps and volunteers in his local Rural Fire Brigade.

Graham Smith

Graham first developed his love of the water as an eight year old, paddling his grandfather’s canoe on the Gold Coast canals. In his early twenties, Graham progressed to surfing on his wave ski, before moving out to Western Queensland for work. On moving to the Redlands Coast, he was able to resume his paddling, and has been doing so on the local waters for the last 16 years – either in his sea kayak or surf ski. Kayaking is just one way that Graham gets to enjoy the outdoors, with marathon running, trail running, mountain bike riding and swimming all regular activities. He is enjoying the chance to share his love of the Redlands Coast waterways with others.

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If you’re ready to get involved, simply click the ‘Book Now’ button. You will be directed to a form to fill in your details. We need to chat with each kayaker to establish skill level etc. before we accept bookings for this tour.

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Expedition Frequently Asked Question’s

Briefing at Redlands Kayak Tours (RKT) Headquarters

On the day of your tour please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled leave time in order to park your car and be ready for onward transportation. Upon arrival at RKT Headquarters your bag will be put in your host’s car to be driven to your accommodation. A dry bag will be supplied with your day’s food and any other items you wish to take with you in your kayak. We will then travel in a maxi taxi to the launch location.

At the launch location, time will be spent loading the sea kayaks and a full safety briefing will be conducted, including talking about the expected weather conditions.

Trip Plan

There are three different itineraries that we can choose from regarding a 2 night 3 day kayaking experience. We will choose the trip itinerary dependent on the weather conditions, particularly the winds.

We have 3 options to choose from, however these also may change depending on weather conditions:

  1. Cleveland to Amity, two nights at Amity, kayaking along Stradbroke Island and returning to Victoria Point.
  2. Victoria Point to Karragarra Island, two nights on Karragarra Island, kayaking around Bay Islands and returning to Redlands Coast Bay.
  3. Redlands Coast Bay to Coochiemudlo Island, two nights on Coochiemudlo Island, kayaking around Macleay, returning to Wellington Point.


Due to mother nature and the unpredictability of the weather we cannot promise the trip route or schedule will be the same each time. Whilst we do our best to fulfil the wishes and aspirations of our participants, our first priority is participant safety. The number of days paddling and the number of hours in the kayaks on each of the days is highly variable and dependent upon both participants and conditions. Our guides are highly experienced at optimizing the route to make the most of prevailing conditions. On a typical day though we will aim to paddle for approximately 4 – 6hrs in a day.

Kayaking Equipment

We pride ourselves on providing participants with high-quality sea-kayaking equipment. In practical terms this means that you will have a Life Jacket that fits, a spray deck that doesn’t leak, a light paddle, , gloves and a well-maintained sea kayak. Of course, you are welcome to bring your favorite paddling accessories such as split paddle, Life Jacket, dry bags and paddling jackets, but please contact us regarding their suitability and to let us know you are bringing them so we don’t double up.

We will be kayaking in natureline double mermaid sea kayaks. Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure you are matched with another sea kayaker of similar ability, there may need to be changes once we are under way on the trip.

Skills Training

As part of your expedition adventure we will include two separate days of skills training before your adventure so you are confident in your abilities.

Day 1 will cover Basic Skills Award, Paddle Float Rescues, Tides and Navigation. This will be completed in single sea kayaks.

Day 2 will be a paddle to Green Island including capsize and rescue in the double sea kayaks used on expedition.

Once you have completed these two days of Basic Skills Training you will not be required to do them again for other sea kayak expeditions attended with Redlands Kayak Tours.


Accommodation is in either cabins or a house. Refer to our specific trip itineraries for accommodation details. Bed linen will be provided. You will need to provide all your own towels. Depending on our trip location you may be required to share accommodation with your fellow kayakers.

Meals and Food

All meals, snacks and drinks will be supplied over the 3 days. For us to plan and cater for your trip we ask that you advise of any specific dietary and health needs when you book.

A glass of wine or a beer is provided upon sunset each evening. If you would like to bring additional alcohol you can, but remember you will be kayaking for up to 25km each day and hydration is best taken through water. We strongly encourage no more than 2 drinks per day.

Safety and Medications

Please ensure you fill out our medical and emergency contact form. Please ensure all medications are clearly labelled with your name and current dose. If you are taking any medications please be sure to let your guides know and to include an extra supply, packed separately, just in case. It is also important that you let us know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. We won’t supply any medications. Our supplies of non-prescription medications are limited. If this is a concern, feel free to bring your own.

All Redlands Coast Kayak Tour expedition guides hold sea kayaking and wilderness first aid qualifications. They carry an extensive first aid kit, VHF radio and towing equipment in case of emergencies.

Due to the physical nature of this activity, please seek your doctor’s advice before participating in this expedition.

The local VMR, Coastguard, Water Police and Stradbroke Ferries will be alerted to us being on the water during the time of the Expedition.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can change in a moment’s notice so the day trips/overall itinerary may have slight changes made depending on wind direction. Winter temperatures can range from 10° to 27°c. Evening temperatures are around 10°C.

If the weather deteriorates badly whilst part-way through the kayak expedition a safety boat will be made available.

Natural Elements/Insects

Many of the areas we will be kayaking have sand flies, mosquitoes or midges. Your guides will carry insect repellent, but it is recommended that you also bring your own. If you are known to be irritated by them, then we encourage you to bring along antihistamine tablets and antiseptic/anesthetic creams to reduce itching.

Animal Guarantee

Whilst every effort will be made to see marine wildlife and land-based wildlife, we cannot guarantee these sightings. We will do everything we can to showcase known areas for sightings of kangaroos, koalas, dolphins and turtles etc.

Mobile Phones

Our expeditions are a great way to disconnect for a few days and recharge yourself. We strongly encourage you to leave all electronic devices especially mobile phones at home and enjoy the serenity for a few days. If you really must bring a mobile, please ensure that you have means of keeping it waterproof. Mobile phone reception will be limited in most areas and the sea environment is very harsh on all electric equipment.


You should only bring waterproof cameras, as no matter how careful you think you can be, your camera is likely to get wet. You should have a float attached to your camera in case it is dropped overboard. You are responsible for looking after your own camera. Opportunities to recharge cameras (or any other devices) will be limited, so bringing a spare battery or two is a good idea. The RKT guides and host will take photos during the tour which will be provided free to all customers via email within one week following the tour. We cannot guarantee the quality of these photos as they will be taken from a water proof camera.

Deposit and Final Payments

Deposit and payment conditions apply as follows:

  • For all bookings made more than 60 days prior to the departure date, a non-refundable deposit of $300 per person is required to secure the booking. The balance is payable no less than 60 days prior to the departure date.
  • Bookings made 60 days or less prior to departure are required to make full payment to secure the booking.
  • Payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card (cheques and credit card surcharge of 1% applies to payments over $400 per person).
  • Children: This kayaking expedition is not recommended for children under 17 unless they have experience kayaking (please contact us to discuss suitability). No child discount applies.

Cancellation Policy and Travel Insurance

The following cancellation policy applies:

  • Bookings cancelled more than 60 days prior to departure will be charged a fee of $300.
  • Bookings cancelled between 60 to 30 days prior to departure will be charged 50% of the trip cost.
  • Bookings cancelled inside 30 days prior to the departure will be charged the full value of the booking. No refund will apply

Redlands Kayak Tours reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather conditions, insufficient numbers or other circumstances outside of its control. In such a case, participants will be given a choice of:

  • Transferring payments towards another trip date; or
  • Receiving a full refund; or
  • If insufficient numbers, payment of an additional fee to have the trip run as scheduled.

Redlands Kayak Tours will not be responsible for reimbursement of cost of flights, accommodation, hire car, meals or any other incidental costs which are or may be incurred in relation to the cancelled trip.

Redlands Coast Kayaks tours strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance that covers losses due to unforeseen events that result in cancellations or injury.