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Safety when kayaking!

Before setting out on a kayaking trip, whether it is for just a short time 30 min or a few hours it is essential you check your kayak and equipment are in a safe condition to use.

It is not a requirement, but we do strongly encourage the use of a PFD on all kayaking trips.

It is also a good habit to also to look at the weather conditions.  We look at a number of websites to get a good perspective on the weather conditions:

It is always good to kayak with others.  However if you are kayaking alone then it is best to tell someone where you are kayaking, what time you are leaving and estimated time to be back.  This would be valuable if you were kayaking in a group or alone.

If you are kayaking alone it is good to be aware of the self-rescue technique and perhaps a valuable safety item to carry with you would be a paddle float.

Being on the water kayaking there is always a higher risk of sunburn and dehydration due to the reflection from the water.  So it is a good idea to wear a long sleeve shirt, wear a broad brim hat, apply sunscreen, wear closed in shoes and some gloves on your hands.  All of these items will assist with decreasing the chances of sunburn and dehydration.

This leads me into drinking water.  It is essential to take some bottles of water with you kayaking and also some small snacks.

For those going on longer trips it is highly recommended that you take with you a First Aid Kit and extra supplies of water and food.