How kids benefit from kayaking at an early age

How kids benefit from kayaking at an early age

Helping get kids outdoors and enjoying a sport that is a bit different is one of my greatest passions.  Kids’ kayaking is a non-competitive sport that is also low impact.   The experience of kayaking on the water not only enables kids to exercise, but it is also an experience of relaxation, getting outdoors and experiencing nature.

Kids are able to personally challenge themselves in a non-competitive manner, however being in small group sizes of no more than 8 kids they can also share excitement and achievements with others.

Kayaking can assist kids with individual physical co-ordination and fitness development.  It is not the normal school sporting choices that may have previously been experienced where failure or peer rejection in participation is experienced.

It is also a sport that enables us to observe marine and aquatic environments from close quarters and perspectives otherwise not available.  Kayaking allows the kids to see up close a variety of plants and animals unique to kayaking marine environments.

Kayaking can also lead to a life-long recreational pursuit and the fostering of sporting goals.  There are options to further your kayaking skills with the local Wynnum Redlands Coast Canoe Club or even further with Qld Canoeing.

Kayaking is also an activity that can be enjoyed with the whole family.  Especially for families that may enjoy camping and heading out to Dams like Wivenhoe, Somerset, Boonah and Maroon.

Kayaking also caters for a range of physical types and is especially good for those kids with sensory awareness.

We live in a very unique location in Redlands Coast, being surrounded by many beautiful water fronts and creeks that can be explored.