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Friends and Families that paddle together have FUN together!

Some of the tours that Redlands Kayak Tours observe as being the most fun, are the ones where all (or at least most) of the guests on the tour know each other. That’s because our guests seem to get so much more enjoyment out of the experience.

Sets of friends, extended families, sporting teams, fitness squads, birthday parties, or groups of work colleagues – we’ve had all variations – have common features on our tours. They are full of lots of chatting, healthy dollops of friendly rivalry, heaps of laughter, and plenty of smiling faces.

Kayaking our stable sit-on-top kayaks takes only 10 to 15 minutes to get the hang of, even for the most nervous beginners. Under the tuition and watchful eyes of our guides we’ll make sure you get maximum enjoyment out of your day.

We have both single and double kayaks. Singles are the most popular option and give you the best sense of self-achievement and independence. Doubles are great for families with young children – Dad takes one youngster on with him, Mum takes the other child with her (children aged 8 – 12 have to go with an adult). Some people like to have their partner or close friend with them on a double – in the case of the former it is sometimes for romantic reasons, but usually it is to either share the load or bolster the confidence of the paddlers. Paddling a double together is always a great test of communication, coordination and cooperation.

Our scenic locations on the Redlands Coast are selected for safe paddling (for beginners) or a bit more challenging for those who have kayaked before and are after something a bit more adventurous.

So, gather your group, contact Katrina on 0418 973 695, and talk to her about how we can plan a tour for your family or friends.