Kayaking news and articles

Safety when kayaking!

Before setting out on a kayaking trip, whether it is for just a short time 30 min or a few hours it is essential you check your kayak and equipment are in a safe condition to use. It is not a requirement, but we do strongly encourage the use of a PFD on all kayaking trips. It is also a good habit to also to...
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Top 3 locations to kayak in the Redlands

Before kayaking anywhere we always recommend that you ensure all of your equipment you are using is in good working condition.  We highly recommend wearing a PFD jacket at all times when kayaking.  We also strongly encourage you to check the weather conditions before heading out, check the tide times, wind direction, wind strength.  We also always recommend you tell someone not kayaking with you,...
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How kids benefit from kayaking at an early age

Helping get kids outdoors and enjoying a sport that is a bit different is one of my greatest passions.  Kids’ kayaking is a non-competitive sport that is also low impact.   The experience of kayaking on the water not only enables kids to exercise, but it is also an experience of relaxation, getting outdoors and experiencing nature. Kids are able to personally challenge themselves in a...
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How to wash your kayak

Preventative maintenance including washing your kayak after every trip is a good idea. Keeping your kayak in good condition will help it last for many years, giving you lots of time for exploring the outdoors. Along with keeping your kayak clean it is good to maintain it in a safe operating condition so you can feel confident when paddling. Kayaks are made of various materials...
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