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Benefits of Kayaking!

So, you’re thinking about trying kayaking. What are the benefits of kayaking, what will I get out if it, you may be asking yourself.

We asked the trained and experienced guides at Redlands Kayak Tours those questions

Fun and relaxation

Kayaking is fun. Splashing about, exploring places inaccessible by land, and just generally mucking around, are great ways to enjoy yourself.

Kayaking with others is social. Paddling alongside friends (or new acquaintances) allows conversation – or the peacefulness of quiet companionship.

The rhythm of the paddle stroke helps quiet the mind. With your body in the groove and your heart rate settled, your mind is free to relax.


Correct kayaking technique emphasizes the use of your core muscles, with arms and legs providing added strength and power.

The steady rhythmic paddle, using many of the body’s major muscle groups, makes kayaking an ideal aerobic exercise (best for “fat burning”). For those wanting an extra boost into the anaerobic range, just increase your stroke rate.

Kayaking is a low impact aerobic workout, with the resistance of the water as you paddle building strength without the strain.

Your balancing skills will improve, as will your upper body flexibility and mobility of the joints. Kayaking with good technique can also help alleviate back pain, largely through the working of those core muscles.

Kayaking is a relatively easy skill to learn. Our guides have beginners paddling satisfactorily within about fifteen minutes.

Being in the great outdoors

Enjoying the fun, relaxation and exercise out in the open air provides added benefits. We need a certain level of sunshine to produce our needed levels of vitamin D – how better than to do this whilst enjoying ourselves. There is something about being in the great outdoors though that is just as beneficial to the psyche.

Challenge and confidence

Many of our customers are paddling for the first time, or perhaps the last time they paddled was as a youngster many years ago. They are a little nervous, some lacking in confidence. We enjoy seeing a nervous first-timer finish their tour with a big grin on their face and a huge boost to their confidence.

Kayaking can be a challenge regardless of whether we are talking about a first-timer on an hour and a half paddle up Moogurrapum Creek, a paddler circum-navigating Coochiemudlo Island for the first time, or thrill-seekers paddling their way across the Tasman Sea. Rising to your personal challenge gives great satisfaction.

Paddling as part of a tour group provides support and safety for those challenging situations, as well as emphasizing the fun and social aspects, and providing tuition to master the exercise elements.

Social responsibility

More and more of our customers are interested in the environment and our eco-tourism credentials. In a kayak you are not just close to, but part of the environment. As a person-powered activity, kayaking has a minimal impact on the environment. From our kayaks though, we can see the adverse effects of environmental harm – the most obvious one being plastics and other rubbish. Many of our guests help in cleaning our marine environment by removing what they can as they paddle. That sense of social responsibility to our environment is one benefit we particularly value

Redlands Kayak Tours pride ourselves on giving our customers the opportunities to enjoy all the above benefits.

Kayaking – well worth having a go.